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Suite 2, 93 Willets Rd, Mackay


1. Where are you located?

The practice address since 2013 July is:

Suite No 2
Willetts Road Health and Medical Hub
93 Willetts Road
Mackay, Qld 4740

We are located across from the Mater Hospital

2. If I do not drive &/ or do not have a car-How can I get there?

There is a regular bus that comes through to the Mater Hospital, so this can easily be used when coming to the Plaza Medical, as we are located opposite the Mater Hospital Mackay.

3. If my Dr is on leave can I see another GP?

Yes , if you regular GP is on leave, you can book to see another GP to sort out you problems whilst your regular GP is on a deserving time off work

4. If I need a Pap smear & my regular Doctor is male but I prefer a female Doctor to do it -Is this possible?

Not a problem at all, you can book to see another GP at our Practice even if you regular Doctor is here, that totally acceptable, no one will question why, this might even be for a second opinion .k

5. Do you do / give vaccinations?

Yes we do give the full range of immunizations , this includes the Gvts supported free vaccinations to private and very popular travel vaccines. The only vaccine that we do not have in house here is the Yellow Fever one. But be advised that a lot of things are changing to the better here at Plaza & as such we are in the nearest future hoping to get the authority to be able to store & give Yellow Fever here. Please do watch this space!

6. Do you do Coal Board Medicals?

Yes we do the whole range of Coal Board and pre-employment & other Medicals here.

Please click on services for more information.

7. I have a review on my CBM section 4 due, am I able to have this complete this at Plaza Medical?

Yes, when you come for Medicals you can request only a few things done or examined, this includes having only either an ECG, Spirometry, Drug & alcohol test or the medical examination without all these supportive tests, provided you prospective Employer has indicated that these are not needed.

8. Do you do Skin & Cancer checks?

Yes we do. We do excisions as well, this occasionally would attract a higher fee, depending on the size & type of lesion removed. Unfortunately some lesions do not attract any Medicare rebate.

9. Can I get vaccinations at Plaza?

Please refer to No. 5 above!

10.Travel & vaccination advice & vaccinations?

Yes we do these as well-Please refer to No. 5 above!

11. I am able to get a script without Booking to see a Dr?

Yes-but there is a fee & conditions apply . If you have been seen within the last Six Month, then you can ring and request a script.

12. Hospital admissions what are the standing rules & conditions?

Your doctor will follow up with you whilst you are in hospital.  This only applies if you are admitted to the Mater Hospital, if your condition requires a specialist your GP will refer you to one.

13. Nursing Home !

Yes your GP will & can look after you or your loved ones in a Nursing home, conditions apply-your GP can explain this in more detail!

14. Flu Vaccinations at Plaza Medical & Nursing Homes

We do give Flu vaccinations here and in the Nursing Homes as well, conditions apply!

The flu vaccination is provided for free by the Government for all patients who are aged 65 years and over. Patients that have chronic disease such as diabetes, heart condition chronic kidney disease or are Immune Compromised also qualify for a free Flu vaccination. Patients who are not 65 years and over or do not have a chronic disease can have a private flu vaccination- these can be purchased in house. The consultation with the doctor will be bulk billed. Please contact reception for further information and current pricing.

15. Shared Antenatal care!

Yes we do shared Antenatal Care.

16. GPS directs people to Phillip street.

Yes we do shared Antenatal Care.

17. Do we Bulk Bill?

We are a non Bulk billing Practice, however if one is in a lot of financial problems, exceptions can be made. We also Bulk Bill all children aged under 15 years.

  • Plaza medical now bulk bills all children under 15 years for all doctors.
  • Patients with a current DVA card are also bulk billed.
  • We also bulk bill patients over the age of 75 years with a current pension card.
  • If you hold a current Health Care or Pension Card you will be charged a discount fee.
  • We are a mixed billing practice. Patients with health care and pension cards will not automatically be bulk billed. You will be charged at a discount fee. Please speak with our friendly receptionists for more information.

18. How much does a consult cost & how much do you get from Medicare.

This depends on the length of the consult & whether you also hold a Concession Card or not. So this differs from person to person.

19. Do we do travel vaccines.

Yes, & we do have most of the vaccines in-house.

20. Do we do Skin checks & removal of skin cancers?Are our Doctors qualified to do these ?

Yes we do Skin checks and excisions. We have a group of very highly qualified Drs who can help you with this. Please talk to you Dr or reception for more information .

21. Being charged when returning for results.

Every consult whether be 1st time or review is subject to a charge. If it is a very short & uncomplicated visit your Doctor can choose to Bulk bill, this is not a right though!

22. Pensioners & DVA quite often question being charged for scripts.

Even though you have a current Pension or DVA card we are unable to bulk bill repeat scripts that are requested over the phone. Medicare does not allow bulk billing if you have not physically consulted or seen the patient.

23. Many patients return with Discs & X-Rays after Radiology appointments.

The practice policy is to wait for official results from the Radiology Specialist before discussing the results with you. There are however exceptions, please discuss with you Doctor.

24. When will results be available after Pathology & Radiology?

As a general Rule three days. There are however exceptions, please discuss with you Doctor.

25. Some patients complain they are not told they will be charged for blood tests etc when sent for tests by S & N etc.

Unfortunately, there are some tests that Medicare does not pay for. We always urge and encourage our patients to enquire from Pathology before getting the requested tests done.

26. Purpose of Heath Assessments ? Are they necessary?

Health Assessment & Care Plans are very useful and necessary. Medicare & the Department of Aging encourage all patients 75 years and older to have a yearly Health assessment to try & keep them as much as possible in their homes. These Health assessments also allows the Doctor & patient to discuss & review some of those issues & concerns that can be missed in the everyday consults as there are always issues to address, solve & resolve.

27. Some patients complain that Providers under Care Plans still charge a fee, not totally Bulk Bill.

Unfortunately times are hard and the amount paid by Medicare these days sometimes is just not adequate to cover for one’s costs and hence some providers end up charging cash and getting you to claim you rebate from Medicare.


Doctors at Plaza Medical Mackay

Dr Lovemore Ncomanzi
Dr Varai Makura-Ncomanzi
Dr Helen Archibald
Dr Patricia Wong
Dr Kyaw Khine Linn


Practice Staff & Nurses

Practice Manager:
Jodie Cameron

Practice Nurses:


Practice Receptionists

Senior Receptionist:
Liz Kimmorley


Main Phone Number

07 4942 4466

Other Contact Lines

07 4942 2119
07 4942 1144

07 4942 5420 (FAX)


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8AM - 5PM
Saturdays: 8AM - 11AM

Closed Sundays and all Public Holidays 


Suite 2, 93 Willetts Rd, Mackay

Emergency & After Hours

Please use Mater Private After Hours Service

07 4965 5444

(Located just across from Plaza Medical - fees apply)


Mackay Base Hospital offers Free After Hours Service to all.

House Call Doctor

13 55 66

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