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Dr Helen Archibald  MBBS

Dr Archibald
Dr. Helen Archibald is a highly esteemed senior general practitioner based in Mackay. She earned her medical degree from the University of Queensland in 1981, and her extensive experience in general practice has made her a respected figure in the healthcare community.

Dr. Archibald’s primary commitment revolves around providing exceptional healthcare services to the elderly residents of our Nursing Homes in Mackay.
Her expertise extends to the specialized areas of aged care and palliative care, where she excels in delivering compassionate and comprehensive medical care to those in need.

Additionally, Dr. Archibald is actively involved in teaching and supervising junior GP doctors, further contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge and practice in the region.

Dr Victor Tun

Dr Tun
Dr. Victor Tun, a medical professional who graduated in 1993, brings over 30 years of extensive experience to his practice.

His diverse background includes roles as an emergency doctor, general practitioner, and involvement in teaching programs in Malaysia, Myanmar, and Jamaica.

Dr. Tun’s career has seen him transition to Emergency departments in Queensland and New South Wales, contributing his expertise to critical healthcare situations.

Since 2012, he has been dedicated to his role as a General Practitioner in Mackay, where he also provides care to nursing home residents, specializing in geriatric medicine.

Additionally, Dr. Tun excels in performing skin cancer surgeries, including procedures like skin grafts and flap repairs, challenging cases like melanoma.

Dr Tun serves as the Director of Plaza Medical Mackay.

Dr Kyaw Linn

Dr Linn
Dr. Kyaw Linn is a dynamic physician who completed his medical degree at the University of Medicine (I), Myanmar, in 2015. After moving to Australia in 2018, he gained valuable experience in both hospital and general practice settings.

Dr. Linn underwent rotations at Cairns Hospital and rural settings in Innisfail, serving as a principal house officer at Mackay Base Hospital.

He joined Plaza Medical Mackay in May 2020, obtaining his Fellowship for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2022.

Dr. Linn is dedicated to offering comprehensive family healthcare across all age groups, specializing in areas such as paediatric and geriatric medicine, chronic disease management, mental health consultations, and skin cancer medicine and prevention.

Dr. Aye Aye Mar

Dr Mar Avatar

Dr. Aye Aye Mar completed her medical education at the University of Medicine ( 1 )in Myanmar in 1993. With over three decades of postgraduate experience, she has also achieved a master’s degree in medicine (Internal Medicine) M.MED., Sc.

Dr. Mar’s impressive career includes serving as a Consultant Physician in Myanmar, imparting her expertise as a Senior Lecturer in Medicine at Malaysia Medical School, and practicing at the Royal Berkshire Hospital’s Endocrinology wards in the UK before her relocation to Australia.

Her primary areas of professional interest encompass a wide spectrum of healthcare, including family medicine, women’s health, geriatric medicine, and chronic disease management.

Kimberley Bourke – Nurse Practitioner

Kimberly Bourke is a dedicated Nurse Practitioner with a strong educational background. She earned her Masters of Nurse Practitioner (MNurPrac) in 2021, Graduate Diploma of Clinical Nursing: Nephrology (PGDipN) in 2019, and Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNsc) in 2016.

Kimberly’s extensive clinical nursing experience paved the way for her specialization in clinical medicine as an endorsed Nurse Practitioner, allowing her to work within a scope akin to that of a Medical Practitioner.

Her expertise extends to nephrology, general medicine, and she maintains a keen interest in women’s, adult, and geriatric health, wound management, and kidney disease.

In 2023, Kimberly joined the Plaza Medical Mackay Team, where she provides invaluable support to the elderly residents of various Mackay Nursing Home communities, both in-clinic and on-site.

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